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Always Prepared

One-to-one Tutoring


Cadmus Tutoring prides itself on providing top-end private tutoring sessions to their students. Each child is a knowledge-seeking sponge with one key fact that, children thrive with one to one attention. Which is why more parents than ever are searching for private one to one tutoring to top up their children's education, ensure they are better prepared to compete with their peers and feel confident and secure of the bright future every parent dreams of.


Before we begin this one-to-one tutoring course, we conduct a "get to know you session" to break the ice with the child and to ensure our friendly tutors get along with the child. This also serves as a great opportunity to assess the child's current level and how they

best learn.


The Benefits

One-to-One tutoring with Cadmus Tutoring provides your child with the tools they need to succeed, learn and grow throughout the academic year. Furthermore,  all our tutors strive to mentor each child, encouraging a sense of pride and self-worth.


The main focus of One to One tutoring is:

  • Provide one to one tutoring in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Science and all subjects from KS1 all the way to GCSE level. 

  • Prioritise understanding over memorising of the subject.

  • Practice good technique so the student can explain his/her answers clearly.

  • All of the above is done to mould the student into what every company needs: a creative problem solver with strong communication skills.

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