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We offer a range of assessments from pre-exam assessments to end of year assessments to help better your understanding of your childs current level and to pinpoint areas in which they are excelling in or need improvement on. ​

Our Strategy

Our assessment strategy is very clear and effective. It comprises of 

Mid-Year Assessments or End Of Year assessments. (Specify details of both) 


Our checklist to guarantee that we are focussing on the right key areas are made up of the following:

  • Obtain a clear indication of the child's current level.

  • Ascertain the way they pick up learning techniques 

  • Pinpoint areas of improvement and those in which they excel. 

Core Principles

  • Regular testing to eliminate exam anxiety.

  • Accurate simulation of the exam environment. 

  • Detailed analysis of student’s weaknesses and strengths.

  • Inspiring feedback to inspire pride in what has and will continue to be achieved.


Prices are dependent on the number of subjects tested for and the type of exams they are sitting. Please email for further information. 

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